Immanuel is an all-age church of around 150 adults and children. Centred on Jesus Christ, our aim is to serve the town of Brentwood by teaching the Bible to believers and to sceptics in a range of settings.

Our main weekly meeting takes place every Sunday at Brentwood County High School. You're very welcome to join us.

We usually have Sunday School classes for children, youth and adults at 9:30am.

We then continue the morning with fresh coffee and cake at 10.15am.

Our whole-family church service follows at 10.45am.

The God who chooses the undeserving
Genesis 25:19-26:34
Gavin Wright, 22/05/2016
Trusting God beyond the grave - Genesis 23:1-25:18
Genesis 23:1-25:18
Gavin Wright, 15/05/2016
Heaven? Why Jesus won't invite the proud - Luke 18:9-14
Luke 18:9-14
Andrew Grey, 08/05/2016
God's plan for men & women: marriage & relationships - Gen. 1:27, 2:18-24, Eph. 5:21-33
Genesis 1:27, 2:18-24, Ephesians 5:21-33
Andrew Grey, 01/05/2016