Bible Explorers

Our group for junior-aged children (roughly 7-11s) is called Bible Explorers. It's run by Dave Riisnaes, Laura Seamer, Caroline Evans and Mark Cooper.

As we meet week by week, we’re hoping to encourage the young people to begin to get really stuck into the bible for themselves. We want them to build on the ‘Bible stories’ they may have heard when they were little and begin applying truths to their own lives, seeing how the Bible is relevant to them.

We want our sessions to be fun and active as we know that the children will be sitting in the church service afterwards and so we try to include lots of games, crafts, dramas etc that will bring the Bible to life in a memorable way.

For example, we've recently done a Bible overview during which we crossed the Red Sea with Moses, built the Tabernacle, marched into the promised land with Joshua, put the Kings on trial and opened the doors to Jesus’ incarnation... all the while seeing how the Bible is one big story of God’s plan to have his own people in his place living under his rule and blessing.

We have a great time week by week and it is lovely to see the children growing in their knowledge of the Bible and in their love of our Lord Jesus Christ.