What is Immanuel like?

We're really glad you've decided to check us out. You may have come to this site because you are looking for a church to join, or because you are interested in finding out more about God, or perhaps you want to find out what we do to serve and impact the community around us.

The best way to get to know us is to meet us in person, so do come along to one of our meetings. We believe you'll find we're friendly, reasonable and committed to Jesus.

It's hard to give a real flavour of what we're like on the web, but we hope this is helpful:

1. We're not a big church

Not yet anyway. That's in God's hands. We hope to grow because we long for more people in this area to join us in discovering the good news about Jesus Christ and the new life he offers.

2. We're not a traditional church

We aim to be relaxed, but reverent. We want to welcome into our church all kinds of people. We believe that the best way to help one another – whatever our background – is to take Jesus Christ and the Bible very seriously. So, whilst remaining relatively informal, our meetings usually include several Bible readings, a mix of contemporary and traditional singing, together with ancient creeds and prayers of the Christian church. 

3. We're not a perfect church

If you join us you will soon discover that we are a very ordinary group of people. We all have lots to learn and none of us pretends we've got it all sorted. It is our God, not us, who is truly extraordinary.

If you are interested in learning about the Christian faith you may want to join our Christianity Explored course which runs regularly. Contact our minister, Andrew Grey, for more details of our next course.

If you're currently attending another local church and are considering joining us please take a look at our section headed Thinking Of Joining Us?