Growing a healthy Church

How does Jesus build a healthy church? What are the distinguishing marks of a healthy church, towards which we ought to be working and praying? Here's a series of resources to help.

The Year Ahead: Gospel distribution, Mission week, 2020 weekend away
Sarah Carrier, Andrew Grey, 29/09/2019
Changes to Immanuel's constitution - update and questions
Andrew Grey, 01/09/2019
Learning about the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Adrian Reynolds, 14/10/2018
Learning about the International Presbyterian Church
Matthew Roberts, 07/10/2018
Learning about the Anglican Mission in England
Lee McMunn, 30/09/2018
10a Church discipline - part 2
Andrew Grey, 22/07/2018
10 Church discipline - part 1
Andrew Grey, 15/07/2018
9 Church membership
Andrew Grey, 08/07/2018
8 Church government
Andrew Grey, 01/07/2018
5a Serving Christ as men and as women - Q&A session
Andrew Grey and Hilary Khoo, 24/06/2018
7 Sound doctrine
Andrew Grey, 17/06/2018
6 Bible teaching and prayer
Andrew Grey, 03/06/2018
5 Serving Christ as men and as women
Andrew Grey and Hilary Khoo, 20/05/2018
4 Encouraging and serving one another
Andrew Grey, 13/05/2018
3 Partnerships and denominations
Andrew Grey, 06/05/2018
2 Unity and diversity
Andrew Grey, 29/04/2018
1 Why the local church matters
Andrew Grey,