Exploring the Christian Faith?

The message of Christianity is quite simple. It is a message from the Bible about God and his Son Jesus. It's about life and death. It's about the choice we all face. Above all it is very, very good news. 

How can you find out more about the Christian faith? Here are some ideas.

Come along to Immanuel on Sundays

To discover truth about God the best thing to do is come along to church. There you can listen to the Bible and meet with Christian people. If you want to know what to expect when you come to our church have a look at the section headed Sunday Mornings.

Have a coffee with our minister or another church leader

If you would like to meet up to discuss things one to one please contact us.

Join a Christianity Explored course

This is a seven-week course. It gives you time and space to consider the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person who's at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus Christ.

You don't need to know anything about the Bible. You won't be asked to read aloud, pray or sing. You can ask any question you want, or just listen.

Everyone is welcome - from those with a background in church to the convinced atheist. We will respect your background, culture and beliefs, and you can tell us as little or as much about yourself as you feel comfortable.

Our aim is to help people investigate Christianity in a relaxed and accessible way, and we encourage guests to come with all of their questions. In just a few weeks we won't be able to cover everything, but many people have found the course to be a good introduction to the big issues.

You will also get a chance to take away a Bible and read one of the eyewitness accounts of Jesus' life over the duration of a course, and there are options for further investigation afterwards if you find you are still interested.

Contact us for information about the next course.


Useful links and resources to help you explore the Christian faith

  • The Christianity Explored home page. Find out more about the course, get answers to tough questions, and watch video clips of people who've come to believe for themselves.
  • Two Ways to Live. A simple explanation of the message at the heart of Christianity.
  • Be Thinking. A collection of video, audio and text resources to help you to understand the Christian faith.