training in Evangelism and Apologetics

Resources to help us reach out with the wonderful news of the Lord Jesus Christ. They include...

"Would you like to look at the Bible with me?" - a short session to encourage Christians to study the Bible 1-2-1 with non-believing friends (plus "Introducing Jesus" - seven short sessions in Mark's Gospel suitable to go through with a friend)

"Defending our hope" - five sessions on apologetics, helping the Christian think about how to give an answer to difficult questions, and to do so with gentleness and respect.
  1. The job of every Christian to be prepared to give an answer. How sin stops a non-believer's mind from working properly. How God brings new life through his Word, the Bible.
  2. Understanding the "two ways to live" - what it means to live with Jesus as Lord or to live the way of the world. How to graciously attack unbelief and to proclaim belief in Jesus as Lord.
  3. Answering questions about suffering. The truth and goodness of Jesus in a world of pain.
  4. Answering the accusation of arrogance: isn't it dangerous to think you've got the truth? Responding to pluralism in a world where Christians are increasingly told they shouldn't speak up.
Andrew Grey, 02/09/2013