Children and parenting

Helping us think, pray and act Biblically in this most crucial of areas...

"Resources for Christian parents and children" - a list of recommended Bibles, Biblestudy resources, music CDs and DVDs, and many other books to encourage younger children, teens and parents to keep on trusting Jesus.

"Shepherding a child's heart" (by US pastor Ted Tripp) is a set of resources we recommend to parents. They include 12 excellent video presentations in which Tripp helps us think about nurturing the heart of a child (rather than just looking to amend his behaviour), the God-given authority of parents, and much much more. These presentations can be bought online (e.g. at Talk outlines for all 12 sessions can be found in the booklet below, and used while watching the talks.

"What does the Bible say about children and baptism?" Surveying the Bible's teaching on whether it's right or wrong to baptise infant children, and what Bible-believing Christians should do if/when we disagree on the subject!

Why keep children in church?" Theory and practical tips to help children join in with congregational worship.
Andrew Grey, 21/06/2013