Islam and Christianity

Whether you're a Christian, a Muslim, a follower of another religion or of no religion at all here's one of the biggest questions facing us today: how does Islam line up against the Christian faith? Here are some resources to help us think this through.

"Jesus and Muhammad - what's the difference and does it matter?" This 25 minute talk (followed by questions to the speaker) looks at the founders of these two religions and compares them. We're Christians, we're biased and we don't pretend otherwise! But here's good encouragement to check out some of the facts. The speaker at this event was Rob Scott. He has worked extensively with Christians and Muslims in both Bangladesh and in the East End of London. You'll find audio and the accompanying handout here.

Also, you'll find "The Bible and the Qur'an: what do they say and should I listen?" Here are some notes - again from Rob Scott - helping us compare the Bible and the Qur'an.