Basic doctrine - the Westminster Confession of Faith

The Westminster Confession is a creed. It is a wonderful summary of reformed theology in the Reformation tradition.  It declares what the Bible teaches, in 33 distinct areas. And it invites the personal response of individual Christians and churches.
It is truthful and clear. It delights in our God, His redemption plan, and the Bible. It provides help in understanding key Bible words and ideas. And it deals unashamedly with difficult doctrines as well as those that are obvious.
It is not perfect (only God’s Word, the Bible, is without error). But it has been accepted widely by Reformed and evangelical churches around the world ever since its authors penned it, in 1646 at the request of the English parliament.
Sometimes its language feels old-fashioned. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that Christianity was not invented last Tuesday. Evangelical Christians will benefit if we study it carefully and respond appropriately.

Here you'll find a series of talks on basic Christian doctrine, using the Confession as its starting point. You can also find a full text of the WCF below.

Andrew Grey, 04/09/2018
Doctrine 26 - What is the purpose of a confession of faith?
Andrew Grey, 09/06/2019
Doctrine 25 - Death, resurrection and final judgement.mp3
Doctrine 24 - Church discipline and church government
Andrew Grey, 19/05/2019
Doctrine 23 - The Lord's Supper
Andrew Grey, 12/05/2019
Doctrine 22 - Baptism Q&A
Andrew Grey, 05/05/2019
Doctrine 21 - Baptism part two - covenant and infant baptism
Andrew Grey, 28/04/2019
Doctrine 20 - Baptism part one
Andrew Grey, 31/03/2019
Doctrine 19 - The sacraments
Andrew Grey, 24/03/2019
Doctrine 18 - the church and the communion of saints
Andrew Grey, 17/03/2019
Doctrine 17 - Marriage and divorce
Andrew Grey, 10/03/2019
Doctrine 16 - Government and the civil magistrate
Andrew Grey, 24/02/2019
Doctrine 15 - Worship, Sabbath, Oaths and Vows
Andrew Grey, 10/02/2019
Doctrine 14 - Christian freedom and liberty of conscience
Andrew Grey, 03/02/2019
Doctrine 13 - The Law of God
Andrew Grey, 27/01/2019
Doctrine 12 - Perseverance and assurance
Andrew Grey, 09/12/2018
Doctrine 11 - Good works
Andrew Grey, 02/12/2018
Doctrine 10 - Saving faith and repentance unto life
Andrew Grey,
Doctrine 9 - Justification, adoption, and sanctification
Andrew Grey, 18/11/2018
Doctrine 8 - Free will and God's powerful call
Andrew Grey, 11/11/2018
Doctrine 7 - Christ the Mediator
Andrew Grey, 04/11/2018
Doctrine 6 - God's covenant with man
Andrew Grey, 28/10/2018
Doctrine 5 - The fall, sin and God's judgement
Andrew Grey, 14/10/2018
Doctrine 4 - God the creator and sustainer
Andrew Grey, 23/09/2018
Doctrine 3 - God's eternal plan
Andrew Grey, 16/09/2018
Doctrine 2 - God and the Holy Trinity
Andrew Grey,
Doctrine 1 - Scripture
Andrew Grey, 02/09/2018