Caring for one another

One of God’s chosen ways to help people is through the care and concern of fellow Christians. The church is meant to be a place where the Gospel is proclaimed with words... AND where the power of the gospel is displayed in our relationships. Truly, the church is meant to be a compelling community. All Christian people can learn to do this better! Here are some resources - from our adult Sunday School class - to help us make progress.

9 Talking about sin
Andrew Grey, 19/09/2021
8 Talking about suffering
Andrew Grey,
7 Biblical basis and practical tools
6 Suffering: coronavirus and the Christian.mp3
Andrew Grey, 15/03/2020
5 Pointers for how to care for one another
Will Trump, 08/03/2020
4 Understand what influences us
Andrew Grey, 01/03/2020
3 Understand the heart
Andrew Grey, 23/02/2020
2 Move toward others
Will Trump, 16/02/2020
1 With all humility
Andrew Grey, 02/02/2020