Sunday School

We meet in different age groups to learn from the Bible.  We have five classes that run during term time: one for adults, one for 11-17s, and three for children covering the junior, infant and preschool age ranges. Please see elsewhere for details of our youth and children's groups. Here's some info about the Adult Sunday School programme...

Resources from our Adult Sunday School

Audio, handouts and transcripts of our Adult Sunday School sessions are included in the Resources section.

The thinking behind Adult Sunday School

We are committed to expository preaching as our primary model of teaching the Bible. This means that we teach our way through books of the Bible, seeking to "expose" what God has to say to us in each successive passage. In this way we hear the voice of God in a distinctive and powerful way, respecting the way in which God ordered the Bible and allowing him to set the agenda in our teaching.  We believe that most preaching in church services should be expository.

However, there are other areas of teaching which are necessary to grow mature disciples of Jesus. It is in our Adult Sunday School class that we seek to address these.


Topics for the Adult Sunday School class

Areas we have covered - or plan to cover - include:
  • Christianity Explored - a basic introduction to the Christian faith
  • Our aim at Immanuel?
  • The doctrine of salvation: Christ's saving work accomplished and applied
  • A Bible overview
  • Battles Christian face: the workplace family, marriage, singleness, sexuality, depression, etc.
  • Church history
  • Ministry skills
  • Neglected Bible books
  • Ethics: living for Jesus in a complicated world
If you've got ideas about what we might want to cover in Sunday School please let us know. For details of our current Sunday School programme see the church calendar, located under the Home tab above.